OOP v̶s̶ and FP by Mario Fusco
Level: middle Java Functional Programming Object Oriented Programming Design pattern Best practices
Reactive Spring by Josh Long
Level: middle java reactive spring mongodb sql postgresql rsocket
Fantastic Frameworks and How to Avoid Them by Grzegorz Piwowarek
Level: middle Java Architecture Methodology
Bulletproof Java Enterprise Applications for The Hard Production Life by Sebastian Daschner
Level: middle Enterprise Java Production Environments Cloud Native Java
Kotlin & Implications in an IoT project by Mercedes Wyss
Level: beginner JVM langs (Kotlin) IoT Android
Micro Frontend: the microservice puzzle extended to frontend by Audrey Neveu
Level: beginner micro-services front-end
Interaction Protocols: It's all about good manners by Martin Thompson
Level: middle Design Distributed Systems Concurrency
Me, My Code and I by Rosanne Joosten
Level: beginner #cleancode #design
Nowadays Architecture Trends, from Monolith to Microservices and Serverless by Alberto Salazar
Level: middle Java Cloud Serverless Microservices
Incremental adoption of microservices with an application gateway by Christian Posta
Level: middle service mesh microservices cloud containers envoy proxy grpc istio serverless functions FaaS