From object oriented to functional and back: the pursuit of pragmatic programming by Mario Fusco
Level: middle Java Functional Programming Object Oriented Programming Design pattern Best practices
Reactive Spring by Josh Long
Level: middle java reactive spring mongodb sql postgresql rsocket
Fantastic Frameworks and How to Avoid Them by Grzegorz Piwowarek
Level: middle Java Architecture Methodology
Bulletproof Java Enterprise Applications for The Hard Production Life by Sebastian Daschner
Level: middle Enterprise Java Production Environments Cloud Native Java
Kotlin & Implications in an IoT project by Mercedes Wyss
Level: beginner JVM langs (Kotlin) IoT Android
Micro Frontend: the microservice puzzle extended to frontend by Audrey Neveu
Level: beginner micro-services front-end
Interaction Protocols: It's all about good manners by Martin Thompson
Level: middle Design Distributed Systems Concurrency
Me, My Code and I by Rosanne Joosten
Level: beginner #cleancode #design
Nowadays Architecture Trends, from Monolith to Microservices and Serverless by Alberto Salazar
Level: middle Java Cloud Serverless Microservices
Incremental adoption of microservices with an application gateway by Christian Posta
Level: middle service mesh microservices cloud containers envoy proxy grpc istio serverless functions FaaS
Live Refactoring Session: Getting rid of dirty code by Marcus Biel
Level: middle Java refactoring live coding
IoT powered by Microprofile – Microservices in practice by Mads Opheim Rustam Mehmandarov
Level: talk MicroProfile Java Enterprise Java Microservices
Evolving a Pragmatic, Clean Architecture - A Craftsman's Guide by Victor Rentea
Level: middle Clean Architecture Pragmatic Design Clean Code Continuous Refactoring Facade Domain Service Value Object Emerging Architecture
Responsible Microservices by Nate Schutta
Level: middle Architecture Microservices Serverless
Type Inference: Friend or Foe by Venkat Subramaniam
Level: middle Java type inference
Amazon Corretto by Arun Gupta
Level: beginner java open source
Extending Spring Boot for Enterprise by Billy Korando
Level: beginner Java Cloud Native Spring Boot
Zero Downtime Migrations in Istio era by Alex Soto
Level: middle devops istio microservices
Continuous deployment to Kubernetes with the Google Container Tools by David Gageot
Level: middle kubernetes containers
My Kotlin is better than your Java! by Paulien van Alst Brian Vermeer
Level: middle Java Kotlin
Bootiful Reactive Testing & CDC with Spring Boot by Mario V Gray
Level: middle Java reactive testing tdd cloud
Java n + 1: What's in store for Java 12 and beyond by Michel Schudel
Level: middle Java JDK12
Serverless Java Challenges and Triumphs by David Delabassee
Level: middle Serverless FaaS Docker
Real-world HTTP performance benchmarking, lessons learned by Julien Viet
Level: middle performance HTTP vert.x
IoT Sensor Analytics with Apache Kafka, KSQL and TensorFlow by Kai Waehner
Level: middle java machine learning kafka ksql IoT
Authentication/Authorization Starters Battle by Valeriane Venance
Level: beginner authorization authentication security
Uncovering Project Amber by Mala Gupta
Level: beginner #Java #ProjectAmber
Introduction to Micronaut: Lightweight Microservices with Ahead of Time Compilation by Graeme Rocher
Level: beginner Java Microservices Micronaut Cloud Native
Machine Learning: From buzzword to reality with Java by Rebecca Simmonds
Level: middle Machine Learning Microservices Kubernetes
Reactive Domain-Driven Design. Solving complexity by design. by Kevin Mas Ruiz Vaughn Vernon
Level: middle IoT Kotlin DDD Microservices Cloud GCE Kubernetes Actor Model Reactive Software Design
Bust the burglars: Machine Learning with TensorFlow and Apache Kafka by Erik-Berndt Scheper
Level: middle Kafka Streams Kafka Connect Machine Learning TensorFlow
Tips and Tricks about Apache Kafka in the Cloud for Java Developers by Ricardo Ferreira
Level: middle Java Cloud Design Patterns
Extending Kubernetes with Spring Cloud by Mauricio Salatino
Level: advanced spring cloud Kubernetes java open source
Ready to hire a bot as a developer? by Raquel Pau Fernandez Antonio López Zapata
Level: middle event-driven productivity java
Implementing a Simple JVM in Java and Rust by Ben Evans
Level: advanced Java JVM Internals Rust
FP vs OOP: Choose Two by Brian Goetz
Level: middle keynote functional paradigm
Java Futures, 2019 Edition by Brian Goetz
Level: middle java jdk
How to Participate in the Future of Java by Heather VanCura
Level: middle Java community openjdk jvm javase
Kubernetes and the 12 factors cloud applications by Ana Maria Mihalceanu
Level: middle methodology Kubernetes best practices
Distributed Tracing in the Wild by Adrian Cole
Level: middle observability tracing distributedtracing zipkin
Flow in Software Design, Practices, and Processes by Mashooq Badar
Level: middle XP DevOps Software Design Architecture Agile Lean