Poker Hands - Refactoring into Chain of Responsibility by Wlodek Krakowski
Level: middle Refactoring Design Patterns Java
The Istio Workshop by Rafael Benevides
Level: middle microservices java cloud native service mesh
Full Stack Reactive with React and Spring WebFlux by Matt Raible Josh Long
Level: middle React Spring WebFlux RSocket
Retrospective Sailing Workshop by Belinda Waldock
Level: beginner Agile Retrospectives Teams improvement
Learn Micronaut: a reactive microservices framework for the JVM by Álvaro Sánchez-Mariscal
Level: advanced Java Microservices Groovy Kotlin Micronaut Spring Gradle Consul
Kubernetes the AWSome Way! by Shawn O'Connor Changsu Lee
Level: advanced #Kubernetes #MIcroservices #Istio #AWS
OpenShift for Developers in Action by Marek Jelen Grant Shipley
Level: beginner containers openshift kubernetes developer