Thinking in Functional Style 'Solving Commonly Recurring Code Problems using Java's Functional Capabilities.' by Venkat Subramaniam
Level: middle functional java9
Real Life Cloud Native Java in Kubernetes by Mauricio Salatino Mario Romano
Level: middle cloud native spring cloud activiti cloud global scale kubernetes docker
GraphQL in Java World by Vladimir Dejanovic
Level: beginner Java GraphQL API Rest
Building continuous delivery for Microservices with Jenkins X by Robert Davies James Rawlings
Level: middle Cloud Continuous Delivery Microservice
Getting started with Kafka Streams in 120 minutes by Jeroen Resoort
Level: middle kafka streaming
RxJava Code Lab by Josef Raska
Level: beginner Reactive Programming Rx Java Mobile
Docker In Anger for Java Developers by Anton Maria Rodriguez Yuste
Level: middle Java Docker Kubernetes Cloud Scale
Cirque du application development - containers, Kubernetes, and OpenShift by Jorge Morales Grant Shipley
Level: beginner java kubernetes cloud paas containers
Make your own chess engine and change the world! by Teodor Ande Elstad Simen Haugerud Granlund
Level: beginner Chess Artificial Intelligence Programming
Functional DB access in Scala with Doobie by Albert Pastrana
Level: beginner Scala Functional Programming Testing Databases
Let's do reactive web applications with Spring 5, Web Flux and Kafka by Carlos Rubio Marcelo Colomer
Level: middle Java Reactive Spring Scalability Kubernates Kafka Streams
Android CI with Docker by Jing Li Miguel Angel Gómez
Level: middle Java Android Docker Continuous Integration Build
Integrating cloud services with Apache Camel by Claus Ibsen Nicola Ferraro
Level: middle cloud camel springboot
Google Cloud Native with Spring Boot (Workshop) by Ray Tsang
Level: middle
Refactoring out of God Object class antipattern by Wlodek Krakowski
Level: middle Java Refactoring Design
Staying pure with Kotlin and Spring 5 by Jarek Ratajski
Level: middle Kotlin Java Functional Programming Spring WebFlux Spring