The next evolution of microservices patterns with Istio Mesh by Christian Posta
Level: middle Service Mesh Istio Kuberentes Microservices
Don't hack the platform? by Jan Ouwens
Level: middle java reflection hacking
Kotlin EE: Boost your Productivity by Marcus Fihlon
Level: beginner Kotlin Java EE Jakarta EE Docker Container Cloud
Minimum Cloud Skills or why shoving everything in containers is not enough by Laurent Doguin
Level: beginner cloud best practices data automation failure
Serverless in Deep by Mercedes Wyss
Level: beginner Serverless Kubernets Cloud FaaS
Ten common mistake made in Functional Java by Brian Vermeer
Level: middle Functional Programming Java
3 common pitfalls in microservice integration and how to avoid them by Bernd Ruecker
Level: beginner Distributed Systems Microservices Integration Consistency
Escaping Developer Nightmares by Rustam Mehmandarov
Level: beginner java continuous delivery best practices
Let's build a blockchain in 50 minutes! by Michel Schudel
Level: middle BlockChain Java Spring Boot
Distributed System explained (with Java Microservices) by Bruno Bossola Mario Romano
Level: beginner Java Distributed Systems CAP code demos
Top 10 Vulnerabilities you wish your Java app didn't have! by Simon Maple
Level: middle java security
Kotlin for Java Programmers (Part 1) by Venkat Subramaniam
Level: middle Java Kotlin
Kotlin for Java Programmers (Part 2) by Venkat Subramaniam
Level: middle Java Kotlin
Begin Event Sourcing with Lagom by Ola Petersson
Level: middle Java Event Sourcing Functional Programming Akka Lagom
How to Leverage the Apache Kafka Ecosystem to Productionize Machine Learning by Kai Waehner
Level: middle Apache Kafka Open Source
A Craftsman’s Guide to Designing a Clean Architecture by Marcus Biel
Level: advanced Java Java 9 Clean Code Architecture Modularity Microservices Hexagonal Architecture Cohesion Coupling
Long Live and Prosper to Monolith by Alex Soto
Level: middle java architecture monolith microservices
A Look Back at Enterprise Integration Patterns and Their Use into Today's Serverless Computing by Bruno Borges
Level: beginner java serverless functions integration cloud
A Case for Outside-In Design by Sandro Mancuso
Level: middle design craftsmanship
Demystifying the most significant Java 9 language features by Ionut Balosin
Level: advanced Java Performance JIT assembly
Performance tests - it’s a trap. by Andrzej Ludwikowski
Level: beginner testing performance tests
Supercharging User Experience with Machine Learning on the JVM by Cedric Reichenbach Ilgün Ilgün
Level: middle Machine Learning Search Deep Learning Content Management Java
Surfing through Spacetime - Science in the Movies by Jordi Jose
Level: middle fun scify star wars
Production Profiling: What, Why and How by Richard Warburton
Level: middle performance profiling java jvm
Modular Java Development in Action by Sander Mak
Level: middle modularity java 9 java 10
Reactive Integrations - Caveats and bumps in the road explained by Markus Eisele
Level: middle Reactive Microservices Streams
Stream Processing in Telco - lessons learned by Maciek Próchniak
Level: middle stream processing telco kafka flink
Eventing with Apache Kafka - Having data is better than needing data by Ansgar Brauner Sebastian Gauder
Level: beginner Java Microservices Architecture
REPL Driven Development: immediate feedback for your server side code by Daniel Lebrero
Level: advanced Clojure REPL
Efficiently Tracking Object Allocations in Production Environments by Dr. Philipp Lengauer
Level: middle Java Monitoring Memory
A practical approach to Java Memory Model by Andrzej Czarny
Level: middle Java Concurrency Memory Model
Serverless Java with Kubernetes by Burr Sutter Rafael Benevides
Level: middle Java Serverless FaaS Cloud Microservices
Jenkins X: Continuous Delivery for Kubernetes by James Strachan
Level: middle Continuous Delivery Kubernetes Cloud Native Applications MicroServices awesomeness
From OO Java to FP Scala: epic wins and epic fails by Albert Pastrana
Level: beginner java scala functional programming testing
Blockchain: more than bitcoin! by Andrzej Grzesik
Level: beginner java blockchain
The Kubernetes Effect by Bilgin Ibryam
Level: middle Kubernetes Cloud Native Design Patterns
Fast prototyping of Enterprise Cross-Platform Mobile Applications with Java by José Pereda
Level: beginner Java Mobile Cloud functions serverless fast prototyping
How not suck at Microservices by Rafael Benevides
Level: middle Microservices Docker Vertx
Real Impact Testing Analysis for JVM Developers by Raquel Pau
Level: middle java testing impact
Groovy & GraphQL: The peace pipe between front and back devs? by Mario Garcia
Level: beginner GraphQL Groovy Java Ratpack Grails
Going Web Native by Amahdy Abdelaziz
Level: beginner Web PWA WebComponents WebAssembly Native Web app
When Old Meets New: Turning Maven into a High Scalable, Resource Efficient, Cloud Ready Microservice by Massimiliano Dessì
Level: advanced Java Maven Microservices Rest Scalable CI CD Integration Cloud Hacking
Lightweight Enterprise Java with MicroProfile by Roberto Cortez
Level: beginner java microservices microprofile
Apache Kafka from the trenches by Jaap Coomans
Level: middle Kafka Eventing Decoupling
The Dark Side of Java 8 - Lessons Learned by Grzegorz Piwowarek
Level: middle Java 8 Functional Programming
7 Deadlier Sins of Craftsmanship by Tomasz Dubikowski
Level: beginner Software Craftsmanship Culture Cognitive Biases Improvement
The JVM concurrency toolbox: a treasure trove for the curious engineer by Galo Navarro
Level: middle jvm java concurrency scala
Clean Architecture the right way! Or almost… by Rubén Serrano Núñez
Level: advanced Clean Architecture Android Kotlin
Asynchronous programming with Kotlin coroutines by Konrad Kamiński
Level: middle Kotlin coroutines async Reactive Programming
Fantastic Bytecodes and How To Interpret Them by Ben Evans
Level: middle Java Bytecode JVM Internals
Java EE 8 finally final! And now Jakarta EE? by David Delabassee
Level: middle javaee jakarta
From Legacy to Cloud by Roland Huss
Level: beginner Cloud Kubernetes Docker Migration
JVM in container die hard by Antonin Stefanutti
Level: beginner Java Docker JVM
Docker Tips and Tricks for Java Developers by Ray Tsang
Level: middle Docker tips tricks containers
Java 9, 10, 11 - What the future holds by Mala Gupta
Level: middle Java Java9 Java10 Java11 JVM FutureOfJava Amber Valhalla Panama Loom
Build, Deploy, and Run Applications with Modern Automation by Mandi Walls
Level: middle Cloud Docker AWS
Going beyond JVM with Kotlin by Victor Kropp
Level: middle kotlin multiplatform
Walking in CODE by Jarek Ratajski
Level: middle VR Oculus Rift HTC Vive
8 Steps to Become Awesome with Kubernetes by Burr Sutter
Level: middle Microservices Kubernetes OpenShift
How we improved by 800% real time message processing with Kafka, Akka & Akka streams by David Vaquero David Gómez García
Level: middle java reactive akka streams Kafka MessageProcessing Real Time
Is boilerplate code really so bad? by Trisha Gee
Level: middle Java Kotlin
Technology is creating a better world by Patricia Sánchez Delicado
Level: beginner NGOs help technology buildingTheFuture