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Wednesday 13th June 2018

Cirque du application development - containers, Kubernetes, and OpenShift by Jorge Morales and Grant Shipley72154,80
Let's do reactive web applications with Spring 5, Web Flux and Kafka by Carlos Rubio and Marcelo Colomer99214,71
Thinking in Functional Style 'Solving Commonly Recurring Code Problems using Java's Functional Capabilities.' by Venkat Subramaniam258554,69
Refactoring out of God Object class antipattern by Wlodek Krakowski232504,64
Integrating cloud services with Apache Camel by Claus Ibsen and Nicola Ferraro147324,60
Make your own chess engine and change the world! by Teodor Ande Elstad and Simen Haugerud Granlund100224,54
Real Life Cloud Native Java in Kubernetes by Mario Romano and Mauricio Salatino81184,50
RxJava Code Lab by Josef Raska191444,34
Functional DB access in Scala with Doobie by Albert Pastrana2664,33
Google Cloud Native with Spring Boot by Ray Tsang147344,32
Staying pure with Kotlin and Spring 5 by Jarek Ratajski203484,23
Getting started with Kafka Streams in 120 minutes by Jeroen Resoort78194,11
Docker In Anger for Java Developers by Anton Maria Rodriguez Yuste87223,95
Building continuous delivery for Microservices with Jenkins X by Robert Davies and James Rawlings50133,84
Android CI with Docker by Jing Li and Miguel Angel Gomez59163,68
GraphQL in Java World by Vladimir Dejanovic91263,50
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