The Future is Kubernetes-Native by Edson Yanaga
Level: beginner kubernetes serverless java quarkus microservices
Integración Kontinua y entrega con Kubernetes by Alex Soto
Level: middle kubernetes continuous delivery
Los desarrolladores no necesitan Kubernetes by Viktor Farcic
Level: middle Kubernetes developers
Event-driven and serverless with Spring Cloud and Spring Native by Thomas Vitale
Level: beginner Java Cloud Serverless Spring Boot GraalVM Spring Cloud
Helidon – a great MicroService framework for the cloud world! by Dmitry Aleksandrov
Level: beginner helidon microservices cloud native javaee microprofile
Despliega en Kubernetes usando Dekorate by Aurea Munoz
Level: middle microservice kubernetes openshift cloud java deploy
Kafka y Pulsar: una comparación gentil by Anton Rodríguez
Level: middle kafka pulsar cloud streaming events
Preparándonos para un mundo multi-cloud by Mauricio Salatino
Level: middle kubernetes cloud multi-cloud API java
IntelliJ IDEA and Keeping Pace with the New Java Language Features by Mala Gupta
Level: middle Java Java 12 Java 14 Java 14 Java 15 Java 16 Java 17
Replicating production on your laptop using the magic of containers by Grace Jansen
Level: middle Testing Java Testcontainers MicroShed testing containers cloud cloud-native
Techniques for maintainable Quarkus Applications by Ana-Maria Mihalceanu
Level: middle Quarkus Java Development Practices
Exploring Stateful Microservices in the Cloud Native World by Mary Grygleski
Level: beginner Microservices Cloud Native Java Transactions Containers
Orchestrating Robot Swarms with Java by Matthew Cornford
Level: beginner Java design CI testing
Construyendo aplicaciones monolíticas que puedan escalar a micro servicios by David Gómez G.
Level: middle DDD CQRS Event-Sourcing Microservices LocationTransparency Design
Do We Really Do Functional Programming in Java? by Ben Evans
Level: advanced Java Functional Programming
Functional microservices with Kotlin by Uriel Salischiker
Level: middle Kotlin Microservices Functional Programming
From Imperative to Reactive by Nicolas Fränkel
Level: beginner reactive programming spring boot
`Huh?` to `Aha!`: A Refactoring Story by Gopal S Akshintala
Level: beginner Java Refactoring Clean Code Functional Programming
Fault Tolerance: Elige tu jugador by Jordi Sola Alaball
Level: middle Microservices Fault Tolerance Resilience Java
Seeing a future for Google Glass 2.0 by Antonio Riquelme Huerta Josep Lopez Centelles
Level: middle Android Google Glass Industry Marching Learning Augmented Reality Tensor Flow