Microservices from 0-100 by Marcelo Colomer Carlos Rubio
Level: Beginner Java Spring Devops MSA Docker Jenkins
Fully-automated CI stack to improve time-to-market using Docker and friends by Carlos Cornejo
Level: Intermediate Docker Continuous Integration
From Monoliths to Microservices using CQRS and Event Sourcing by Manuel Alvarez
Level: Beginner Microservices CQRS Event Sourcing Spring Cloud Spring Streams Apache Kafka Docker
IoT Hackathon by Rustam Mehmandarov
Level: Beginner IoT Hackathon Cloud
Design a SpringBoot Application running on Kubernetes/OpenShift by Charles Moulliard
Level: Intermediate Microservices Kubernetes Spring Boot
The Pragmatic Developer's Guide to Java 9 and beyond by Simon Maple
Level: Beginner Java9 modularity
Tests Refactoring by Wlodek Krakowski
Level: Intermediate Testing Refactoring
TDD in Baby Steps by Sandro Mancuso
Level: Intermediate TDD Testing