The Art of Simplicity by Venkat Subramaniam
Level: Intermediate Design KISS
Functional Programming in Java by Venkat Subramaniam
Level: Intermediate Functional Java
The Long Road by Sandro Mancuso
Level: Intermediate Software Craftmanship
Real World Java 9 by Trisha Gee
Level: Intermediate Java Java 9 Reactive Live coding
Building microservices with Vert.x by Bert Jan Schrijver
Level: Intermediate Vertx Microservices Reactive
How To Stay Responsive With 400 Backends by Maarten Mulders
Level: Advanced Microservice Web scale Reactive Akka Scala
Developing cloud-ready Camel microservices by Claus Ibsen
Level: Beginner Microservices Kubernetes Integration
Going Reactive with Vert.x by Burr Sutter
Level: Intermediate RxJava Reactive programming Java 8 Asynchronous Microservices
Why you're going to FAIL running Java on docker! by Burr Sutter
Level: Intermediate docker jvm java containers kubernetes openshift
Testing For Unicorns by Alex Soto
Level: Beginner Testing
Reactive Stream Processing with MicroProfile and Apache Kafka by Matthias Wessendorf
Level: Intermediate Reactive MicroProfile Kafka Microservices Docker Kubernetes
Migrating to Microservices Databases: From relational Monolith to Distributed Data by Edson Yanaga
Level: Intermediate consistency Distributed Microservices Databases
Cloud Native Java with Kubernetes by Edson Yanaga
Level: Intermediate Java EE Spring Boot Kubernetes Cloud Native Microservices
Designing Cloud Native Applications with Kubernetes by Bilgin Ibryam
Level: Intermediate Cloud Kubernetes architecture Design Docker Patterns
Machine learning by example by Michal Matloka
Level: Beginner Machine learning Spark
The reactive landscape by Clement Escoffier
Level: Beginner Reactive Vert.x
Build a Q&A bot with Deeplearning4J by Willem Meints
Level: Intermediate Chatbot Deeplearning4J
Java 8: the good, the bad and the ugly by Brian Vermeer
Level: Intermediate Java 8 clean code
The DevOps 2.1 Toolkit: Continuously Deploying Microservices To a Swarm Cluster by Viktor Farcic
Level: Intermediate DevOps Docker Containers CD Service Discovery cluster schedulers
Spring Cloud Kubernetes by Ioannis Canellos
Level: Advanced spring cloud kubernetes
Java + JCP + Adopt-a-JSR + You by Heather VanCura
Level: Beginner java community opensource
Services Assemble! Apply MVP Principles to Create Cutting-Edge Microservices Without Chaos with Spring Cloud/Netflix OSS by Mark Heckler
Level: Beginner Microservices Spring Spring Boot Netflix Zuul Devices asynchronous live code
Java Libraries You Can't Afford to Miss by Andres Almiray
Level: Intermediate Java opensource libraries
Elastic scaling with Kubernetes in a (micro)service oriented architecture by Bastian Hofman
Level: Intermediate Kubernetes Microservices Devops
Docker Patterns by Roland Huss
Level: Intermediate Docker Container Pattern Cloud DevOps
When, why and how to CQRS by Sebastian Daschner
Level: Intermediate java architecture microservices event sourcing event-driven
Tame Your Data with Akka Streams and Java 8 by Jacek Kunicki
Level: Intermediate reactive streams akka streams stream processing java 8
Trials & Tribulations of Java NIO2 Providers by Schalk Cronjé
Level: Intermediate java groovy Apache commons NIO2
MicroProfile - by Example by Ivar Grimstad
Level: Intermediate JavaEE MicroProfile Microservices
Mission to Mars: Exploring new worlds with AWS IoT by Jeroen Resoort
Level: Beginner IoT Robot
Applying stability patterns: a case study by Daniel Lebrero
Level: Intermediate StabilityPatterns
Monitor Your Containers by Philipp Krenn
Level: Intermediate Docker Elastic Beats Monitoring
Keep calm and watch Kibana: proactive approach to software development by Albert Margarit
Level: Intermediate Kibana ElasticSearch Instrumentation Cloud
Writing tests is fun with Spock by Hubert Klein Ikkink
Level: Beginner Spock Tests Groovy
Functional Programming Explained to my grandma by Charlotte Cavalier
Level: Beginner Scala Functional Programming
Clean Lambdas by Victor Rentea
Level: Intermediate Java8 Lambda Streams API Clean Code Functional Programming
Integrating Applications: The Reactive Way by Nicola Ferraro
Level: Intermediate Java Integration Functional Programming Microservices Actors
Observable Microservices by Maria Gomez
Level: Intermediate Microservices DevOps
Building a Spring Boot application: Ask the Audience! by Hanno Embregts
Level: Beginner spring-boot java spring mongodb couchbase thymeleaf angular
Kappa Architecture by Juantomas Garcia
Level: Intermediate kappa-architecture patterns data scala kafka spark
Star Trek: BDD Enterprise by Tomasz Dubikowski
Level: Intermediate bdd test spock
Lightweight Java EE for Buzzword Services by Marcus Fihlon
Level: Beginner microservices nanoservices JavaEE lightweight Docker REST JSON
Productivity Tips for Java EE and Spring Developers by Simon Maple
Level: Beginner JavaEE testing Arquillian
How to Properly Blame Things for Causing Latency: An Introduction to Distributed Tracing and Zipkin by Adrian Cole
Level: Intermediate zipkin tracing performance
Test your microservices with REST-assured by Michel Schudel
Level: Beginner test microservices restassured
Javaslang - Functional Java Done Right by Grzegorz Piwowarek
Level: Intermediate java8 javaslang functional
Reactive - land of confusion by Piotr Kafel
Level: Intermediate reactive programming reactive manifesto reactive streams rxjava
The... Wonderful? World of lambdas by David Gómez Esther Lozano
Level: Intermediate java8 lambda abuse
Tomorrow's Model Driven Development by Mauricio Salatino Mario Romano
Level: Intermediate ddd model driven spring cloud distributed knowledge engineering frameworks
Clustered event-driven services by Olivier Deheurles
Level: Advanced Architecture Event sourcing Raft Event driven
Pragmatist's Guide to Functional Geekery by Michał Płachta
Level: Advanced lambdas functional programming