Unit Testing like a Pro by Victor Rentea
Level: middle Java Unit Testing Design Clean Code
Battle of the Microservice Frameworks - Micronaut versus Quarkus edition! by Michel Schudel
Level: beginner java quarkus micronaut comparison
Change Data Streaming For Microservices With Apache Kafka & Debezium by Gunnar Morling
Level: middle Data Streaming Apache Kafka Change Data Capture
Reacting to an Event-Driven World by Grace Jansen
Level: beginner Kafka Reactive Architecture Vert.x
Reactive Programming for Real Use Cases by Alex Soto
Level: middle java reactive
The HOW series: Testing and documenting REST by Ixchel Ruiz
Level: beginner REST REST API Development Tools Documentation
Event-Driven REST APIs by Vaughn Vernon
Level: middle REST Event-Driven Reactive
10 Java Security Practices They Didn't Teach You In School by Brian Vermeer
Level: middle Java Security Best practices
Evolve to Reactive; A performance history by Alberto Salazar
Level: middle reactive java performance
The journey from Imperative to Reactive by Emily Jiang
Level: beginner Cloud Native Microservices MicroProfile reactive imperative
Real Time Streaming Analytics with 100000 Connected Cars using MQTT, Kafka, Kubernetes and TensorFlow by Kai Waehner
Level: beginner kafka mqtt kubernetes IoT
Keeping Safe Your Server to Server Communications by Mercedes Wyss
Level: advanced Java Microservices Microservices Architecture Identity Authentication Authorization JWTs Communication Complexity gRPC Event-Driven Microservices API Gateway
Designing Microservices in Functional Style by Uberto Barbini
Level: middle Kotlin Event Sourcing Microservices Functional Programming
Troubleshooting containerized applications by Ana Maria Mihalceanu
Level: beginner kubernetes cloud docker fixit lessonslearned
Purely Dysfunctional Data Structures for Java by Grzegorz Piwowarek
Level: middle Java Functional Programming Data Structures
From (Java) Monoliths to K8s by Mauricio Salatino
Level: advanced kubernetes cloudnative journey tools challenges patterns
How to Choose a JDK by Simon Ritter
Level: middle OpenJDK JDK Java
Java After Eight by Nicolai Parlog
Level: middle JavaNext Java14