1. Once the ticket has been bought, it will neither be changed nor the amount refunded, except for causes stipulated in the legislation in force.
  2. Impossibility to assist to the event or an error during the ticket buying process will not be valid causes to refund.
  3. Cancellation and refund will only be possible whenever BarcelonaJUG notifies it, and it normally happens in event cancellation cases.
  4. Tickets are not allowed to be used for marketing, promotions, competitions unless BarcelonaJUG concedes an express formal written authorization.
  5. Use of commercial brands o any other intellectual property of BarcelonaJUG will be also subject to express written consent of BarcelonaJUG.
  6. Use of non authorized photographic or recording devices is forbidden.
  7. The place and BarcelonaJUG are not responsible of any personal belonging.
  8. Ticket buyers give their consent to video and sound recording as part of the general public.
  9. An infringement of any of the terms, or any other unacceptable act that can cause damage will give rights to BarcelonaJUG to expel the user from the place.
  10. BarcelonaJUG does not accept responsibility for the loss or theft of tickets.
  11. Attendees agree that they personal info will be sent to the person that scans their badge with our mobile app.