Complete this form with your proposal to join as speaker to the next edition of the JBCNConf (11-13/6).

Call for paper will be closed the 1st of May or as soon as the schedule is completed.

We accept 2 types: Workshop and Talk.

  • Workshops will be 2 hours long on Wednesday. These should be in English.
  • Talks will be 50 minutes long on Monday and Tuesday and they must be in English.

The proposal will be reviewed for the organizers and we will send you the response or comments.

Subject of CFP has to be related to any of these topics:
  • #JVM langs (Java, Scala, Clojure, Groovy, Kotlin...)
  • #Functional Programming
  • #Microservices, #Docker, #Kubernetes, #Istio
  • #Testing, #DDD, #TDD
  • #Cloud, #AWS, #GCE, #Scalabilty
  • #Cryptocurrencies, #BlockChain
  • #Machine learning, #AI
  • #CI, #CD, #Integration
  • #IoT, #VR, #AR
  • #Mobile, #Android

Each speaker may send more than one CFP.

Which elements on your paper can improve your rating:
  • Cover main stream topics (see above)
  • Focus on real life experiences rather than theoretical (hello world)
  • Show real failure experiences on using technologies or approaches and how you solved them

If you have questions or comments, please contact with us:

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We will try to fit your need, but please consider that with 60 speakers is very difficult to make all them happy. So, only request a concrete if it's totally required.


No more than 2 speakers can be set
Please, ensure that the image is 512 x 512. This will help us a lot and avoid any resizing on our side.

We can not assure anything about covering your expenses, but if you need help, we will try to help anyone that requires it. We are organizing the JBCNConf for non-profit and because of that everybody must wait until the end of the conference to see how will be the balance of incomes and expenses in order to see if we can cover your costs. We hope that we will be able to cover some costs, but we can't confirm that yet. Also, we will to try to make your stay cheaper arranging deals with some hotels.